Modern Employability Skills for Today’s Workplace (Why you weren’t Employed

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The Modern Employability Skills for Today’s Workplace is a Crash Course that reveals and teaches you the basic Skills that you should know to be able to win the heart of your Employee on the day of your Interview.

There is a Basic Skillset for every Business Workplace Today and that is the first thing that determines your Employability Score even before the Primary Task of the Job Role

This goes as far as depending on the natural traits and abilities that you posses as a person (Soft Skills), down to the ones you have to learn and apply practically (Hard Skills).

The Good thing is that both of them can be developed or harnessed from one state to the other

This Course reveals to you the deep truth and reality of your inability to secure even a Customer Care Job as a Graduate, it wasn’t the Economy really, we will show you why you weren’t employed and how you can crush it on your next Interview

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Christian Simon

Hello everyone, My names are Christian Simon, I am an avid Internet user since the early days of some of the now Big Tech Giants and a core Learner, I did Computer Science and Business Informatics at Aptech Computer Education in Lagos, Nigeria I have a vast Skill set that I have accumulated through the years and my mission is to pass these Skills across to you within a short period of time with the help of our Crash Courses I will be taking Students on Computer Science, Business Management and Internet Marketing, with a couple Years of experiences in my belt running different Businesses, I will show you how to do this with ease, avoiding Mistakes I made during my time Running a Business can be so tedious at times and requires a lot of effort and an all encompassing Vast skill-sets especially when you are just starting up as a one man Business