The Computer Scientist Skills, things you should Know (Where Schools Fail)

Computer Scientist Skills
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The Computer Scientist Skills (Computer Science for the Job Market) is a Crash Course for Computer Science Students and Graduates that will teach them the right Skills to posses as a Computer Scientist

You just graduated from a certain University with a First Class as a Computer Scientist and you feel so fly, believing that you sealing that Employment deal on your first interview

But then you went for your first Job interview and while you where being interviewed, you where asked certain Questions that took you to oblivion and made you feel like you were among some aliens species speaking a language you don’t understand

That’s what it feels like until you take this Crash Course that will help you unlearn and relearn the real Computer science and the Skills that is relevant in the Job Market today


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Christian Simon

Hello everyone, My names are Christian Simon, I am an avid Internet user since the early days of some of the now Big Tech Giants and a core Learner, I did Computer Science and Business Informatics at Aptech Computer Education in Lagos, Nigeria I have a vast Skill set that I have accumulated through the years and my mission is to pass these Skills across to you within a short period of time with the help of our Crash Courses I will be taking Students on Computer Science, Business Management and Internet Marketing, with a couple Years of experiences in my belt running different Businesses, I will show you how to do this with ease, avoiding Mistakes I made during my time Running a Business can be so tedious at times and requires a lot of effort and an all encompassing Vast skill-sets especially when you are just starting up as a one man Business