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360 Membership

Membership Benefits (Access to All Contents & Files!)

1. 1 Blogger Blog or WordPress Blog Setup & Content Strategy - One-Off

2. Keyword Research & Topics to Write on - One-Off

3. Monthly Site Analysis on Request

4. Sell your Articles Once reviewed and of Quality

5. Sell your Blog or Website If they meet our Standards

6. Access to Discoveries & Exclusive Contents

* Access to Monetization Strategies

* Access to Exclusive Graphics

* Access to Exclusive Scripts

* Access to Exclusive Videos

* Access to Exclusive eBooks


Daily Article for a Month

1. 30 Standard Articles 1,500 Words Each

2. Keyword Optimized Written based on a Researched Keywords

3. Instant Access and Download

4. Free of Errors and Plagiarism

Samples Available on our site & Client's sites

Free Revision!

A Pack of Article

1. 3 Standard Articles 1,500 Words Each

2. Keyword Optimized Written based on a Researched Keyword

3. Instant Access and Download

4. Free of Errors and Plagiarism

Samples Available on our site & Client's sites

Free Revision!


Cheap content writing services

cheap content writing services

We offer cheap content writing services to Hundreds of Bloggers and Website Owners across the Globe, from How To’s to Listicles and Cornerstone Review Contents

Going through our website, you can get to see some of the Articles we have crafted but do not rely on that, head down to our Client section and see the masterpiece that we have Crafted for our Clients


PRO Plan

Article Pack ( 3 Standard 1,500 Words Article) – $10

Our Pro Plan is a  is our Basic Article Offering of a Pack of Article

We offer a Pack of Article for $10, a pack of Article contains 3 Standard 1,500 Word  each of a well optimized SEO Content with it’s accompanied Keyword ready for Publishing and Ranking

These Articles are of Quality and have been tested and checked on multiple Plagiarism Tool Checkers online as well as being written by an Expert

These Contents are also Grammarly checked and free from any sought of Errata or Typos, though certain Errors could be out of sight to Grammarly as well as our Expert Writers,

We had put in the best to make it Perfect and would be glad to make a Revision / Correction if you happen to stumble on any.

There are Screenshots of these Articles and for those that come with Images, these Images are copyright free and are obtained from Authorized sources



Monthly Article  Subscription ( 30 Standard 1,500 Words Article) – $97.50

The Monthly Article Subscription is for Companies and Individual alike who want a continuous flow of contents to their Blog / Website every day which is actually a good thing to do if one has the Budget or Resources to put in

Google Loves sites that update regularly with great Contents, when I say great, this is a combination of so many factors but the ultimate of them all is Valuable contents, Articles that will satisfy the users Google sent to your site

This Plan goes for $97.50 per Month (N35,100 at the rate of N360 / $1) This is $3.25 / Article (N1,170 / Article)



Keyword Research, Content Strategy, Exclusive Contents & More

1. Blogger Blog Setup

We offer a Professional Google Blogger Blog Setup for Individuals and Companies alike who understand the Value the importance of laying the right foundation when starting your Content Marketing Strategy

Lots of people have failed to get Traffic to their sites not because they are not writing the right contents but because their Basic Foundation is faulty

I coined a name for such mistake and incident and that is “Failure on Arrival” – They have already failed from setting up their blog the wrong way without taking all the necessary stuff into consideration and making sure their Templates are well SEO Optimized and free from any sought of lapses

We do this one-time setup for a token of $10 and apart from setting up the Blog which is a one-off thing, we also give you a content Strategy + a list of Keywords that you will be writing on for your targeted niche

After that we continue to support you with Monthly site analysis (Available Upon Request), Access to new Discoveries that we make and Monetization Strategies since the essence of most Blogs will be to earn revenue


2. WordPress Blog Setup

For those looking to set up a WordPress Blog which might be standalone or hosted on, we do have a Subscription plan for that too, it is the same Subscription plan that covers Blogger Blogs

After Subscribing, you can then decide on what you want

All themes are Provided by us except for a few Exemptions like Expensive Themes that cost beyond the overall cost of your membership

The Domain and Hosting will be Provided by you except otherwise noted and agreed upon through negotiation that nullifies this current Subscription plan

We will compare and contrast two WordPress sites,

  1. The One Optimized and set up by us and another by someone else and show you the difference and why we charge what we charge to get you up and running


3. Monthly Site Analysis

On a Monthly Basis, it is even crucial that one Analysis his or her site to know what’s not right and take the necessary actions to put things right

This helps you adapt and keep up the pace with changing Marketing and SEO strategies. Google Updates it’s algorithm frequently and this update affects your website

To keep up and not allow your website to suffer, you have to analyze your site and make changes and stay current and abreast with the current SEO standards and Practices, hence the need for a frequent website analysis


4. Keyword Research and Topic Strategy

I have said it before that some people fail to generate traffic to their Website due to bad Foundation of their website, they just set up a blog and start posting randomly

It wouldn’t go well that way most of the time, you need to have the right Content Strategy which will be as a result of an extensive Keyword and Niche Research to know;

1. What Niche to Focus on

2. The Worth and Value of the Niche

3. The Revenue Model for the Niche

4. If you have Strength in such Niche

5. How to Analyse other Competitors in the Niche

6. How to Map out the way you will deliver your Content & Standout

And lots more


5. Sell your Articles & Contents

As a 360 Member, you can also write and Sell your Contents to Potential Clients in need of Quality Contents for Individuals & Companies

You don’t necessarily need to be a Professional, you can learn how to write great contents that meet our Quality guidelines and Standards by becoming our Member

Once you are done, you can start crafting great Contents and make them Available, once sold, your Money will be paid directly into your Bank Account

We actually have a small ratio of accepted Writers as we tend to only go for Quality, so not all Members automatically become writers except the purpose of your Subscription was just to Join the Writing Team

People Subscribe to our Membership for many more other reasons like WordPress Blog Setup, Blogger Blog Setup, Keyword Strategy and lots more.

As part of our Offerings and services, we offer cheap content writing services and will need more Contents to meet up with Article Demands, which is where you come in


6. Sell your Blog or Website

If you have a Blog or Website that you Intend to Sell, we can help you list and Sell this as part of the Benefits of Becoming a member

We will list and Promote this Blog to our Network and Audiences of Bloggers, Clients, and Entrepreneurs who might like to take up the Blog

Most times we end up selling them for a decent Fee as we only reach out to Targeted clients

We do not sell every blog, we focus on Standard and Quality Blogs and Websites, especially the ones that are currently generating a decent Monthly Income or a well Optimized New Blog


7. Access to all our Exclusive Premium Contents & Resources

To Success in Business both Online and Offline, there are so many things that you need ranging from Flyers, Business Cards, Email Templates and more

To get these things designed for you, you have to Pay and most times they seem pricey and yet do not deliver the Value

We pre-design these templates and make them available for use by our Members, you can even request for Customization and depending on your Plans, we will change them to your Designs for free.


If you ever do need a Company that offers cheap content writing services or someone who wants cheap content writers, please do not hesitate to recommend our website