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Business Name: Products Like


Site Niche: e-Commerce / Shopping

Site Type: Starter Site / Blog

Platform: Google Blogger

Age: 2 Weeks Old

Location: Global

Founded in: May 09 2019

Annual Revenue: 0

Estimated Staff: 1







Products like blog for sale

Products like blog for sale












What is Products Like?

Products Like is a Shopping niche site with a well optimized, low Competition eCommerce Content Strategy that can be used for Affiliate Marketing purposes, Display Advertising like Google Adsense, eCommerce Products Promotion and Sales or a combination of all.

This is a website where you help people in finding an alternative to their daily needs, or a substitute that will be of more help in place of their other known brand/product, (or as an upgrade).

Most times people tend to find Product alternatives of the ones they are currently using maybe for a more feature-rich version or a simple alternative

While some on the other hand wants to check for other alternatives before making an informed purchased decision, that is exactly where Products Like comes in.

People use this exact same key-phrase pattern to search for Products online before buying

Products like Juul Search Result

Products like Juul Search Result


Products Like Fitbit

Products Like Fitbit Search Result


products like olaplex

products like olaplex Search Result

And lots more I can’t keep sharing here…

Though these Search Volumes may not be in thousands but in a few Hundreds, they tend to convert to Sales more than Keywords with so much Search Volume, reason being that they are Commercial Intent Buying Keywords

People searching for these are actually in the second, if not the last ladder of making a Purchase and at this point, they are trying to make a comparison or looking for an alternative Product to buy

With the direct Keyword of these Search Pattern used in the Domain Name (Products Like) and the Content Strategy created for this site, Google is sure to send many of the Traffic of such Queries down to this site or rather rank them high for it on the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page).

Products Like Content Strategy

Products Like Content Strategy


Content Strategy

In the content Strategy, you will focus on writing meaningful post about Products like their alternatives with the Power Words like New, Used, Free, etc.

A Sample Post have already been written on the site and this will serve as a guide for your subsequent Contents

Before writing any content, you must do a Keyword Research in other to understand the Difficulty of this content and to also analyze the top 10 result on the SERP to know how easy it will be to outrank them or only share in the Top 10 result

After Purchase, we will show you how to go about all these with an unlimited Membership Support for Q&A and staying in line with the Content Strategy


Using Products Like for Affiliate Marketing

Its as simple and straightforward like a straight road, all you do is to research for a good Affiliate Product that you can Promote, like Juul and other Vaping Pods and then write extensively about them, if you can do a 5,000 words content because in Content Marketing, Meaningful Lengthy Content is Strength and an edge over other Rankers on the SERP

Link to the Sales Page with your Affiliate Link and leave the rest to time, as your Post Ranks for the right Keyword and people start clicking through to it and then click from your link down to the Sales Page, you end up making Commission for your Sales

The good thing is that some of these Products are Subscription based and payments are recurring which means that as long as they keep renewing, you keep getting your Commission

Examples of Affiliate Programs you can use

  1. Clickbank
  2. Commission Factory
  3. Commission Junction


Using Products Like for Display Advertising

All you need at this level is Volume, write lots of meaningful Contents to draw in thousands of users to this site every Month, Monetize the site with high CPC Keywords and integrate Google Adsen on it and earn from Display Ads

Apart from Google Ads, you can also use other Display Advertising Networks or accept direct Adverts on your site

Examples of Display Advertising Programs you can use

  1. Google Adsence
  3. PropellerAds


Using Products Like for Ecommerce Product Promotion

If you have your own eCommerce store where you sell either Physical or Digital Products, you can as well harness the Power of Content Marketing to sell your Products Freely without any Ads Spend

Content Marketing is a Lucrative and one of the most converting mediums to promote and sell your Products. Most times people initiate a Search, do Research and read Reviews before deciding to buy, these reviews at times compares and analyze and advice the user on what to go for

Writing about your Products and also comparing it with other Products like it out there while highlighting the Advantages that your Product has over the others like the Cost, Features or Edge will go a long way in making generating new leads and Sales for you

These site can serve as your Content Marketing Channel and Funnel for your main Ecommerce Business

Examples of Businesses that can use this site

  1. Physical Products Sales
  2. Digital Product Sales
  3. Specific Products Sales
  4. Clothing Online Store
  5. Jewelries Store
  6. Laptop Online Store




Discover great products, like the ones you already know-an alternative for the products you use, daily.

Question and Answer Session (Q&A)

How Does Your Business Make Money? Would this site Generate Me money?

Definitely ”Yes”, As a website that gives people a second choice on what to shop on, you definitely will be an affiliate. not just telling people what to use as a substitute, but end up making some cool cash through the new product they just discovered, as well as relevant ads on your site.
That isn’t enough, with a name as unique as your site, whenever people are searching for substitute products or a replacement, search engines automatically redirects them to your site(organic traffic) and you drive sales, with a good number of organic search.
the end-point is “Affiliate” getting people to use a certain brand of ”coffee” instead of ”tea”

Why Should Someone Buy This Business?

Because it is a brand new e-commerce opportunity to explore, with great untapped potentials.

360 has no place for insignificant business and neither do they develop such. This Business if from the 360 Entrepreneur team, the #1 marketplace where ready-made business are sold. We try our best to ensure that our name has it’s dignity so as to keep our clients and candidates, by providing them the best, and which this is one of them.


How can the future owner improve this business?

There’s always room for improvement, almost every day, we come up with new ideas and feature, and which could be improvised into the business. You might decide not to deal with like-products alone, you might one day choose to start selling digital products as well.

here are a few tips the future owner could do to improve on his/her future business.

Making a mobile app.

adding new features as earlier stated before.

Add new revenue streams, besides the ones already present.

Add membership fee – charge the users, either monthly or annually.

Or re-selling to another user for a better bargain.




The operation on this business, at the main time, would really need more of content marketing, and research. customer services at this early stage is not really a priority, although it would be highly relevant in the future, both on the sites social accounts and emails.


Why are you selling this business?

360 is a consecutive entrepreneur corporation that enjoys the success and merry in the birth and growth of new businesses, and  The sole purpose and one of the outstanding vision of 360 are developing, growing and selling Businesses, all to your success and benefits.

And this is one of the Thousand businesses developed by 360



Partnership with big and upcoming brands.

Collaboration with the business/organization that sees great potential in this business.

Top nitch without competition.

high chances of driving sales (organic search is inevitable)

keep on getting high users returns monthly if not daily.


Business Strength

Outstanding website

Top Notch and evergreen.

second to no other.

Scalable Business guide.

straightforward operation.

Great UI, suitable for both Mobile and web browsers. (Mobile & Desktop compatible)




-Being a Brand new business, you decide how you want it done, when and where.

-Basically, the administration role was to be on research at the main time, so as to get content marketing in place.

-Google analytics/algorithm maintenance

-content marketing,










below is a screenshot of PRODUCTS LIKE.CO. and as you can see below, it a mobile friendly page with a cutting edge design of a complete website, although it’s a blog. Specifically tailored to fulfill your business purpose – Products like






Business Strategy/blueprint.

Domain, Email & Website

A month post-sale support.

Complete Social media accounts.

Chat application account.


Overall Site Info

PRODUCTS LIKE is an outstanding business with an exceptional vision.

Finding and providing like products an well as a substitute for your daily goods, product or services you already know. and delivering a great stream of organic traffic that will enable your sales (affiliate & non-affiliated).

A brand new site established on 10th May 2019.

Built with Blog, with a difference…

Domain registered on (            ).

A site with an ample amount of information (on a product), well-curated content and detailed products.

Perfectly designed and mobile friendly too.

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